Famous56BossRadio Donation

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

How do I donate to Famous56BossRadio?

Any way you choose! You can donate the most convenient easy way (bank transfer, credit or debit card) securely online with ongoing Monthly gifts and/or Single gifts of any size.

What is the easy way to give?

This simply means donating using your bank transfer, credit or debit card. It’s the most convenient way to give.

Is my donation to Famous56BossRadio tax-deductible?

Yes. Donations of any amount are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. You will automatically receive a receipt with your donation, keep thesew records for tax purposes. 

If I already have a monthly pledge with Famous56BossRadio, do I need to re-pledge every 6 months or every year?

No. We will assume your ongoing monthly pledge is just that, ongoing, because you want Famous56BossRadio to count on your support every month. Every so often we will ask if you want to continue at your same level of giving, and invite you to consider increasing your amount. At those times or at anytime, you are free to let us know what you want to do: continue at your same amount, change your amount, or discontinue. This helps us be better stewards of your gifts by planning and budgeting accordingly.

Is $10 per month the minimum amount accepted by Famous56BossRadio?

No. Famous56BossRadio accepts gifts of any amount, anytime, any way you choose to give. But $10 per month or a $120 single gift is the minimum required to receive exclusive benefits when choosing the easy way to give (bank transfer, credit or debit card).

What can I expect after I donate to Famous56BossRadio?

A friendly and timely ‘thank you’ receipt from us and, we believe, personal fulfillment from knowing we are in this together impacting thousands of listeners around the world.

Where does Famous56BossRadio receive donations from?

Famous56BossRadio depends completely on the generosity of donations from local individuals, organizations, businesses and foundations. 

How does Famous56BossRadio do what they do?

By harnessing rapidly changing technology, we use primarily internet servers.

Also Famous56BossRadio streams its formats online to super-serve the “at work” listener and those outside our stations’ listening areas.